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Legacy Partners is going to be a pioneer of UAE business setup services. For the past 10 years, LP has been developing, and nothing has been impossible regarding business setup in India. We offer the most flexible way to start a business, be it a multinational company or SME; we can set up your business in the UAE. Legacy Partners provide a clear and supportive platform for those wishing to establish their own business in Dubai. Our mission is to make your challenges easier for business owners and make them more comfortable and efficient by covering all types of services, whether on the mainland, Freezone or offshore.

  • We built business setup services on the mainland for those seeking flexibility and freedom.
  • Ability to diversify business offerings
  • Freezone is a fast and efficient business setup process with 100 per cent foreign ownership.

Mainland: Are you dreaming of setting up a business in mainland UAE? Setting up a company in mainland UAE can be a dream for businesses worldwide. 

Mainland business setup in Dubai does not restrict who and where you can trade in Dubai. To start a business in the Emirates, the investor must make sure that they select a local service agent. Mainland company formation Dubai that can expand and trade internationally explore the increasing world connections. The mainland company formation becomes regarded by the authorities who benefit from long-term business success and profit generation.

Freezone- The Freezones of UAE has become the major trading hub of the region due to the business support initiatives offered by the UAE government and Freezone authorities. 

Legacy Partners is a team of professional experts who can handle the complete assignment of Freezone company registration in the UAE. Freezone in UAE offers investors a host of low-cost business license packages to quickly set up a company in UAE. The Freezone company in UAE remains the most sought-after company structure among foreign investors due to several investor benefits like easy and quick business setup with minimum documentation requirements.

Offshore- An offshore company is a company incorporated in an outside/foreign country other than the country where it has its head office. The compelling reason to use Offshore for business is that when you use an offshore corporate structure, it separates you from your company and assets and liabilities. As borders open up and global communication improves, it's getting easier and more profitable to incorporate a business offshore. This is because people have easier access to different countries and their markets.

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