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Trademark Registration Services in Qatar

The state of Qatar is one of the GCC members with the most notoriety and wealth, and it is regarded as an extremely wealthy economy by the World Bank.  Trademark registration is mandatory to be granted rights over a trademark, as it is a "first to file" jurisdiction.

The process of trademark registration in Qatar is governed by the Law no. 9 of 2002 pertaining to Trademarks, Commercial Indications, Trade Names, Geographical Indications, and Industrial Designs and Models.  The Law prescribes that the following may be registered as marks especially when having a distinctive form: names, signatures, words, letters, numbers, designs, pictures, symbols, stamps, seals, vignettes, three-dimensional figures and any other sign or combination of colours, a single non-functional colour, a sound, a smell or a combination of signs, if used or intended to be used to distinguish the products of enterprises in the fields of industry, handicraft, agriculture, forestry, mining, goods sold or services offered.

Limitations for registration in Qatar:

  1. Signs devoid of any distinctive character, or which are merely descriptive of characteristics of the products or services or which consist of mere marks or indications which are the normal appellations which are in use for such products or services or their normal designs;
  2. Any expression, design or sign contrary to morality or public order;
  3. Public emblems, flags and other symbols and names or denominations relating to a State or to an international organization, as well as any imitation of such emblems, names, etc., unless a written authorization of the competent authority has been previously obtained;
  4. Official signs and hallmarks of a State relating to its control and guarantee of products and services, unless a written authorization of the competent authority has been previously obtained.
  5. Signs identical or similar to the Red Cross or Red Crescent and other similar symbols;
  6. The picture of a third party or his emblem, unless his consent has been previously obtained;
  7. Indications of honorary distinctions to which the applicant cannot prove that he is legally entitled.

Documents required:

A single application for registration may be filed for a group of marks upon payment of the prescribed fee.

  • Copy of the mark.
  • Applicant info (name, address, and nationality).
  • A list of the goods to be covered by the application (Classes) - translated to Arabic.
  • Power of Attorney (POA): Original should be notarized and legalized at the Qatar embassy and submitted within 30 days of filing. (Late submission fees apply)
  • A certified copy of the priority document in case claimed should be provided within 6 months of filing date.
  • A copy of the commercial certificate translated to Arabic is required at filing. 

Registration Process:

1. Trademark search
The businessmen avoid potential objections by conducting a thorough trademark search before formally seeking for trademark registration. The owners of the brands must keep in mind that their trademarks should not be in conflict with those that have already been registered or that have been submitted for registration by third parties.

2. Registration:
For registering trademarks, Qatar uses the NICE International Classification of Products and Services. Yet, classes 1, 4 to 7, 10 to 14, 16 to 22, and 31 are not granted entirely under the trademarks law. Products covered by class 33, alcoholic drinks and beverages in class 32 and pork meat in class 29 are not registrable in Qatar.
In Qatar, trademark registration does not permit multi-class filing; therefore, separate filings must be made for each class. The following documents including the legalised Power of attorney, a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or an extract from the commercial register and a certified copy of the priority document, if claimed must be produced at the time of filing the application.

3. Examination
Following the filing of the trademark application, the Registrar examines the trademark. The possible trademark's form and content will be assessed. If the examination officer identifies an issue with the trademark, he may object to it. The applicant will have the chance to respond to the objection and establish the legitimacy of his trademark application. You have the option of sending the response online or another form. The trademark will be accepted if the examiner determines that the application is valid.

4. Publication and registration certificate
The Official Gazette of Trademarks will then publish the trademark. Within four months of the trademark's publication in the Gazette, any interested party may object to its registration.

Fee For  Register Your Trademark in Qatar

  • The official fee for filing a trademark application is QAR 1,000
  • The official fee for registration is QAR 2,025
  • Publication QAR 325.

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