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Global Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is a pivotal element in operating a successful brand. Our expert Legal team provides for the overall protection of your brand and the assurance that other companies will not counterfeit or imitate your trademarks.

  • Registration, Renewal, Assignment and Licensing of Trademarks
  • International Trademark Registration Under Madrid Protocol - WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
  • Trademark Litigation, prosecution and enforcement matters

Copyright: Legacy Partners offers services, including filing and prosecuting applications and administrative enforcement actions. 
The subject matter of copyright includes music, paintings, sculpture, films, computer programs, databases, literary work, sound recording, elements of fashion design and so forth.

Designs: It is provided for the ornamental and aesthetic aspects of an article or a design which may constitute the feature of shape, configuration, and pattern composition in two-three dimensions.

Patent: The UAE grants patent protection to all fields of technology, provided that such an idea or innovative improvement has a scientific basis and is applicable. By registering a patent in the UAE, an inventor or innovation can safeguard their pretended innovation from any party who attempts to use or misuse it.

Trademark: Get your brand trademark registered in UAE from the legacy partners experts. Protect your brand from duplication and counterfeiting.
Trademark refers to those distinctive elements of a brand such as logos, slogans, hallmarks, packaging, names, words, signatures, letters, figures, graphics, seals, patterns, packs or symbols that distinguish it from its competitors. 

Trade secret: It is common for trade secret owners of UAE to protect their trade secret by contractual means to limit the recipient from using or disclosing the trade secret information (such as non- dissolve agreement).

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